Bollard Testing

Bollard Testing

Ship2Shore is closely associated with Bollard Proof Ltd. Bollard Proof brings together a demonstrable wealth of industry expertise in marine contracting, covering design, build and installation.

This unique combination of skill sets gives us an invaluable understanding of how bollards should be tested safely to internationally recognised standards, realistic mooring conditions and, above all, client satisfaction.

Mooring bollards are a safety critical component of any port or dockside structure. Their function should be to reliably hold a docked vessel against its mooring lines during any ship to shore related operations. As ships get larger and freeboards increase, the service duty on bollards becomes ever more demanding and imperative. Bollard Proof’s test rig is a portable device that can be delivered to the quayside. Unlike other current methods of testing bollards, such as pull-testing between adjacent bollards or hammer tests that record and analyse the resonance in the bollard, our system simulates an actual ship’s mooring rope that loads the bollard by pulling away from the quayside in a range of combined vertical and horizontal angles.


Here at Ship2Shore, we’re proud of our reputation for providing quality products, incisive advice and excellent service. Whether it’s a basic fender or bollard replacement, through to a complex design or complete portside installation, our people are on hand providing advice and guidance towards the perfect product fit.



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