Mechanical Parts For Lift/Swing Bridges & Lock Gate

At Ship2Shore, we are able to offer a variety of precision engineered mechanical equipment for moving structures including swing/lift bridges and lock doors.

Equipment ranges from individual castings, forgings and fabrications, to large structural and mechanical assemblies manufactured from commonly used carbon steels to a variety of exotic materials incorporating heat treatment when required. 

  • Pulleys & Cable Guide Wheels.
  • Lock Door Hinges.
  • Low Friction Composite Bearing Blocks For Lock Doors.
  • Gear Shafts & Racks For Moveable Structures.
  • Panama Wheels, Spring Cylinders, Pinion Wheels & Bearing Housings.


Here at Ship2Shore, we’re proud of our reputation for providing quality products, incisive advice and excellent service. Whether it’s a basic fender or bollard replacement, through to a complex design or complete portside installation, our people are on hand providing advice and guidance towards the perfect product fit.



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